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When are taxes due?

It varies according to the county and which tax is due. For example, Nassau County first half town is due on January 1st and second half town is due on July 1st. The first half school tax is due on October 1st and second half school tax is due April 1st. You have a forty day grace on these taxes. For more information, please visit the Tax Guide in the Resource Section of our web site.

What period of time is covered by these taxes?

Nassau County: first half town covers January 1st – June 30th and second half town covers July 1st – December 31st. First half school tax covers July 1st – December 31st and second half school tax covers January 1st – June 30th.

Some municipalities have other taxes which may be relevant to your area such as incorporated village taxes. As far as any city municipality, the taxes are due in quarters not halves.

How do I calculate New York State Mortgage and Transfer Tax?

Visit the Resource Section of the website for the Transfer and Mortgage Tax Guide.

Does East Coast Abstract record documents only for Nassau County?

We record anything and everything, and we do it anywhere, as long as they are in recordable form. Each document must have proper names, addresses, descriptions, acknowledgements and must have the additional forms, if necessary, i.e. NYCRPT or TP-584 etc., for recordation.

Can a client living outside of the U.S. record documents for property in the U.S.?

Yes, it can be as long as it is notarized at the U.S. consulate or accompanied by an apostille.

Can I obtain the necessary forms from East Coast Abstract to record documents in the various counties as well as in the City?

Yes, we carry a wide variety of these specialty forms, and you can obtain all forms from the Downloadable Forms page of the Resource Center of our web site.

What is an escrow?

An escrow is a deposit of a sum of money with East Coast Abstract to either pay off a lien or encumbrance or to hold against a possible lien or encumbrance.

What is the approximate time frame for a preparation of a title report?

Ten days to two weeks depending on county, including municipals, surveys, inspections, etc. The company can respond to any need of our clientele upon request.

What counties does East Coast Abstract cover?

We focus on New York State, but cover every state in the United States.

When is a new survey necessary?

Theoretically for each new sale, because even if an inspection indicates no structural changes, other issues such as fencing, hedges, walls, etc. may cause title problems that only arise at a later sale or refinancing. Visit our News & Info and have a look at our Publication entitled “A Tale of Two Properties” or “The Fence Man Commeth”

What kind of special services does East Coast Abstract perform?

You can rely on our expert, personal, individual service whether for a title problem, a satisfaction of a mortgage problem, a certificate of occupancy issue, or other specialized items. Please visit our Getting to Know ECA section for our Mission Statement.

How competitive are East Coast Abstract’s charges?

All title rates in New York State are the same, but our charges for Municipals, Tax Searches, UCC Searches, and other special services are most competitive with the industry. See our Title Insurance Rates Calculator to calculate a premium for Fee Title Insurance or Mortgagee Title Insurance. And visit our Services page to get an idea of the scope of our services.

How do I order?

Either call us at (516) 794-9100 or (800) 734-7110, send us an email, or fill out our NEW online Title Insurance Application and we will get back to you shortly.

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